We're back. Sort of. We're still not planning to resume updating, so the site remains dead in terms of new content. However, we have rescued all of our old content, since our old webspace is now gone. So hopefully all of our stuff should remain here indefinitely for anyone who just needs to know *exactly* what happens in DBZ episode 174 or something. Pretty much everything that's gonna be up is up now. It's been about ten months since I initially uploaded some stuff, and back then I said I'd finish the job in about a week. Oops. But it's all there now, so enjoy it.

Here's the thing. We originally dropped Freeservers because of terrible bandwidth limitations. However, with my previous host deciding to get rid of his site, there's really no where else for me to go. Thus, in the interest of conserving bandwidth, I've completely thrown out any concept of "good layout." With the exception of the banner ads that Freeservers adds itself, there will be no images on this site, and pages will be as simple as possible. Sorry if you don't like it, but you'll just have to deal with it, unless you feel like paying to host the site. If you *do* feel like paying to host the site, feel free to E-mail me. Anyway, our stuff is back, so enjoy it and don't complain about the layout. It's not pretty, but it's here.

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Dash -- Writes sagas, some movies, history, attacks, power levels, and name changes, in addition to keeping the site online.
PJ -- Writes biographies, some movies.
Tom -- Writes Garlic Jr. saga summaries, some movies, and items.

Don't bother us unless it's *extremely* important for whatever reason. Please understand that we've moved on from this and are doing other things now; this site is no longer much of a concern beyond our wishing to keep it online so that all our work doesn't go to waste. If you're interested, Dash now maintains a Mobile Suit Gundam website. Tom and PJ, however, are no longer working on any anime websites.